Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hedda Gabler Essay -- essays research papers

Hedda from the play, Hedda Gabler by Ibsen is greatly affected due to her background. Heddas amaze being a general led her to control issues later on in life. She felt weak and needed control over the people in her life.Hedda was born to a great, wonderful, highly regarded and respected general, General Gabler. Because she was his daughter people would disposition great respect and loyalty towards her. She was used to people listening and obeying her she just loved having power over others. When Hedda and her husband, George Tesman got back from their honeymoon Georges aunt, MissTesman was telling the maiden over how particular Hedda is after growing up as General Gablers Daughter, Well of course. General Gablers daughter. What a life she had in the Generals sidereal day Remember seeing her out with her father-how shed go galloping past in that long black riding outfit, with a feather in her hat." Now that her father is gone she has seemed to lost the power she once had. The only thing she has left is a large portrait of him that hangs over the coach in the inner live and a set of pistols her father left her. Hedda tries time after time to gain the attention and control she once had until she shot herself under the stress of this unbeatable battle.At the age of twenty nine Hedda married George Tesman, a scholar with a doctors degree and a good friend. She married him because she genuinely had no other one to turn to and she was getting old. She said, I had really danced myself ou...

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